Top 10 Best Mini Fridges of 2020 [Home/Office/College]

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There’s something that everyone agrees is incredibly important in our day-to-day lives: convenience.

It would be amazing if you could just pop out of the office whenever you wanted in order to grab a quick snack or refreshing beverage, with no extra cost to you (looking at you, vending machines). And for busy students, who has the time for a leisurely trip to the food court or, worse, a germ-infested public water fountain?

It’s not a surprise that mini fridges have been popular among people who have little space to spare but still desire a way to cool and store their favorite foods and drinks. And with each passing year, more and more people are deciding to invest in a mini fridge. The convenience that a mini fridge provides is simply fantastic.

Yet with all appliances, there are things that you need to watch out for. Many suppliers will trade efficiency for space, and vice-versa, which could leave you with a mini fridge that causes more problems than solutions.

This is why we’ve researched, reviewed, and collected a list of the top ten best mini fridges of 2020. So all you have to do is try one of these quality mini fridges.

Also, a quick note: Do not treat these mini fridges like large, traditional refrigerators. If you overfill them or store items that require super cool temperatures, you may be disappointed with how they perform.

Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge – Best Rated Mini Fridge & #1 Choice



  • Energy Efficient = Reduced Costs
  • Powerful Cooling
  • Powerful Freezing
  • ​Incredibly spacious interior
  • ​Nearly Noiseless
  • ​Small Footprint = Easily Placed
  • ​Separate Drawer Compartment for Fresh Goods
  • ​Lack of Varied Storage Options on Door

There's one word that can be used to describe this mini fridge: spacious. Its size is 3.1 cubic feet; it's a little big to fit comfortably on a desk, but it's a perfect height for the floor or lower-level tables. This mini fridge is the perfect size for someone who wants a little more space and a dedicated freezer section, as this is a double-door fridge complete with specialized sections designed to hold a variety of items.

The door interior is divided into three sections:

  • Soda Can Dispenser
  • 2-Liter Bottle Holder
  • Small Item Compartment

The dispenser is one long section designed to hold a plethora (at least six) of 12 oz. soda cans. There are the top, middle, and bottom openings that are just large enough to easily access a can regardless of how many you have left, so no worries about having to dig down deep to reach your favorite beverage. Keep in mind that this section is designed to hold your drinks, so it may be a bit difficult, for example, to pull a drink from the middle or bottom while there are still cans above them.

The 2-liter bottle holder is self-explanatory. It provides a simple, yet useful purpose for holding your chosen 2-liter beverage in an easily accessible fashion. However, due to the nature of the fridge being compact, this section can only hold one bottle at a time.

The small item compartment is good for storing a single soda can, but not much else. Its location makes it incredibly easy to reach, but the limiting space means that you won't be able to store more than one small item in there.

The fridge interior, on the other hand, provides a lot of room for you to store any variety of items. There's a top layer held by a durable glass shelf, a middle layer also held by a glass shelf, and a lower drawer compartment beneath the middle layer. While the shelves can be removed to open up the space of the interior, the shelves themselves cannot be rearranged.

Although this is hardly a problem, as the extra wiggle-room will rarely (if ever) be necessary thanks to a large amount of free space packed inside this mini fridge. The shelves are spread far enough apart to hold tall bottles or awkwardly shaped items. It can hold bottles of water, soda bottles, lunch meats, and many other food/drink accessories, making them easy to store and remove.

Midea Mini Fridge's Specialties

  • Great open space means that you don't have to worry too much about cleaning out the fridge often.
  • Having a separate drawer compartment helps keep produce fresh and untouched by non-produce.
  • Noise has a greater impact than you think. Having an extremely quiet fridge means higher quality study time, sleep time, and/or work time.

The drawer is for fruits and veggies, keeping them separated from everything else and making organization simple. The drawer can also be removed, allowing for even more space to be taken advantage of.

The fridge temperature ranges from  32′ F to 50′ F, while the freezer temperature ranges from -11.2′ F to 5′ F. Temperatures are controlled by a thermostat dial labeled with convenient markers from [min] to [max].

The mini fridge operates on compressor-based cooling, meaning that you always get cool products in your fridge and cold products in your freezer no matter how many items you have in there.

It’s also incredibly quiet, to the point where you might not be able to hear it run at all.

The freezer section is huge and can store several pints of ice cream, frozen dinners, and other items easily. It’s also quite powerful, unlike traditional mini fridges where size is traded for power.

You can expect to have stuff stored in here actually freeze and stay frozen.

Because the freezer is powerful, it has a tendency to develop frost beneath it; it’s not a big problem as long as you periodically (every few months, upwards to six months) thaw it out manually.

Finally, this fridge features an interior light, making searching for your items a breeze even in the dark.

BONUS: This mini fridge comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can use it with the peace of mind that you’re covered.

If you are looking for a mini fridge that’s essentially as robust and powerful as a standard refrigerator, then check out the Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge.

Dimensions: 20″ x 27.5″ x 17.5″

Haier HC27SW20RV – 2nd Choice Mini Fridge



  • Energy-Star Certified
  • Powerful Cooling
  • Spacious Despite Small Size
  • Very Quiet
  • Wire Racks Harder to Clean

At 2.7 cubic feet, this mini fridge seems to have it all. Its fairly small size makes it an appealing choice for your tight desk spaces or limited dorm room.

It comes equipped with a full-width freezer section, which is rare among mini fridges and allows you to store more food choices, such as frozen lunches and dinners. The thermostat is located on the freezer, and you are able to easily adjust it 

Along the side of the door lies six can holsters, which provides easy-to-reach access for can-shaped beverages. The door also provides space to hold 2-Liter beverages and has a top shelf that can store small items.

The fridge itself is deceptively spacious for how small it is. It holds two wire racks, three-wire rack slots, and an open bottom, allowing you to customize the layout of the fridge as you see fit.

The bottom is big enough to hold food or drink that would be too large or awkwardly-shaped to fit in other spaces; examples include a gallon of milk, various fruits, and various vegetables.

The freezer door is equipped with a strong sealing mechanism, meaning that you won’t have to worry about the door randomly opening after being shut.

Some users report that the sealing power is a little too strong, but I find that preferable to having all of my freezer items accidentally thaw out one day, ruining them.

This is a top-of-the-class mini fridge for size, efficiency, and affordability. You can’t go wrong with it.

Bonus: The fridge also comes with its own ice cube tray, eliminating the need for you to go out a purchase a separate one (unless you really want to).

It’s also energy-star certified, meaning that it uses less electricity than non-certified models and saves you money in the process.

Dimensions: 18.7″ x 17.5″ x 27.4″

Arctic King B01LW7KKR1 Mini Fridge



  • Energy-Star Certified
  • Easy to Reach Items in Fridge
  • Efficient Cooling
  • Fairly Quiet
  • Adjustable legs Provide Leveling Support
  • Harder to Store Larger Items
  • Chiller Compartment won't Freeze Items

Sitting at 1.6 cubic feet, this mini fridge is easily integrated into any environment, including places that don’t have much room to spare.

This size of this mini fridge also makes it desk-friendly, which you can take advantage of; you are able to grab drinks without needing to bend down or get out of a chair.

There’s a small, half-width (meaning it spans about half the length of the interior) chiller compartment that is useful for items that you want to be a little colder.

However, this compartment isn’t all that great at actually freezing items, especially larger ones like frozen dinners.

Within the door interior, there are two sections of storage space, both sectioned off with single plastic wire, making it easier for you to store a variety of items.

The lower section is wide and provides space for a 2-Liter bottle of your favorite beverage, while the upper section is great for your smaller stuff like yogurt and sticks of butter.

The fridge interior has an upper and lower level that are separated by a single wire rack. The lower compartment is very good for holding your larger items such as gallons of milk and coffee bottles.

The upper compartment is will hold items like eggs, pieces of fruit, and pudding quite well.

The size of this mini fridge and the simplicity of the interior makes it incredibly easy to navigate; you’ll never have to worry about combing through a bunch of stuff just to get to what you really want.

Everything is within arms reach. The trade-off for this convenience is that the fridge is small and therefore cannot store a lot of items or items that are too big, such as a whole pizza.

The adjustable thermostat is easy to reach, as it’s located directly on the chiller compartment. The base of the fridge also comes with adjustable legs, allowing you the freedom to level it as you see fit.

With an Energy-Star certification as well, you can be sure that it’s dorm and office-friendly.

This mini fridge is a true jack of all trades.

Dimensions: 17.7″ x 18.6″ x 19.4″

Danby Designer DCR044A2WDD-3 Mini Fridge



  • Energy-Star Certified
  • Large Capacity for Food & Drink
  • Glass Shelving = Easier to Manage and Clean
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Freezer Section isn't Strong

Sitting at a fairly large 4.4 cubic feet, this mini fridge almost seems as though it can be a replacement for a traditional refrigerator.

Rest assured, however, that this mini fridge is still just that: mini. It can be placed just about anywhere on the floor, though it would be wise to keep it off of desks and/or elevated platforms.

The main appeal of this mini fridge would definitely be the large amounts of space the interior provides. This is a mini fridge that will let you stack boxes of food, though be aware that the interior of the fridge isn’t the deepest.

Extra-large pizza boxes may be a struggle to fit into there, so it’s recommended that you portion out especially long food items.

Adjustable shelves make customization easy, meaning that you can mix and match how you want your food and drink to be stored.

And since the shelves are composed of plastic glass, they are very easy to clean; simply pull them out and wipe them down. No need to reach in the crevices of a wire rack.

This mini fridge also comes equipped with 8 soda can slots for your reaching convenience, as well as the classic storage setup located on the door interior.

The top of the interior also holds a dedicated full-width freezer section, which is very useful for food or drinks that you want a little cooler than normal.

That being said, the freezer section isn’t very powerful, so it probably won’t keep your ice cream hard, etc.

The thermostat is located on the front of the freezer, giving you easy access to adjust the temperature whenever you want. Energy-Star certified as well, so no need to worry about this mini fridge consuming excessive electricity despite its larger size.

When it comes to size, space, and reliable features, this mini fridge is a strong contender for the gold standard.

Dimensions: 20.9″ x 20.7″ x 32.7″

COSTWAY Beverage Mini Fridge/Cooler



  • Efficient Cooling
  • Spacious: Sixty 12 oz. Drinks
  • Interior LED Light
  • Easy to Move and Position
  • See-Through Glass
  • Isn't Fit for Food Storage

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beverage that’s within arms reach? With this particular mini fridge, you will have a lot of cool beverages for your (and anyone else’s) convenience.

It can store up to sixty 12 oz. cans and has removable shelves, which will let you store larger beverages. If you decide to this, keep in mind that there will be overall less space for other beverages.

On the plus size, the small stature of this fridge (1.6 cubic feet) makes it a prime choice for desktops, tables, or even the floor. It can go anywhere, which makes it easy for you to choose a good location AND move around wherever you see fit.

The fridge itself is made of a durable steel shell casing, so there’s no need to worry about damaging this fridge even when accidentally dropped or smacked.

There is also an LED light inside the fridge that illuminates your drinks, making it easy for you to locate any beverage, no matter how dark it is.

You can expect the temperature of this mini fridge to range between 39 degrees Fahrenheit and 61 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to keep your drinks cool.

The mini fridge has an easily accessible, manual 3-grade thermostat that provides a simple way to change the temperature.

The cooling system is compressor-based, which means that cold air is circulated throughout the entirety of the fridge and cools all beverages equally, regardless of their position inside the fridge.

Because this is a mini fridge that specializes in beverages, it’s not recommended to use it for food storage. While you technically could, it would be better to invest in a mini fridge that actually has specifications that account for food storage.

Otherwise, you run the risk of improper food storage.

Also, be aware that this fridge may consume more power than other fridges of its kind due to the compressor-based cooling. Typically more powerful cooling = more power needed, though it isn’t really noticeable and is still very much dorm and office-friendly.

If you are looking for an excellent beverage-based mini fridge that’s served many others quite well over time, look no further.

Dimensions: 17.5" x 18" x 19.5"

*Note: Before using this mini fridge, make sure to plug it in and let it run for 24 hours in order to maximize interior cooling efficiency.




  • Energy-Star Certified
  • Powerful Cooling
  • Strong Freezing
  • Glass Shelving = Easier to Manage and Clean
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Shelving Customization is Lacking
  • Harder to Store Larger Items

This mini fridge comes in at 1.7 cubic feet, meaning that it can be easily placed anywhere; tables, countertops, desks, you name it.

When it comes to college dorm mini fridges, this is one of the best mini fridges to have thanks to its small footprint and excellent cooling ability.

This particular mini fridge is designed to be as efficient with space as possible; it features a space-saving flat back design that allows it to be pushed up against any flat wall or surface.

The door is reversible, meaning that you can change the direction of how it opens if you see fit.

The door interior is set up in a classic two-section storage area; the bottom is wide and provides room for one 2-3L beverage bottle as well as room for several smaller items, while the half-width upper section is for your miscellaneous items like yogurt cups or sticks of butter.

Both storage spaces are blocked in via long plastic wire. Both of the areas are easy to reach and offer plenty of space for your favorite beverages.

The fridge interior is separated into an upper and lower half by a full-width glass shelf. Since they are divided into equal halves, both areas can store fairly tall items.

With proper organizational skills, you can definitely pack a ton of stuff into this mini fridge.

The freezer section is full-width and has an easily accessible thermostat equipped to the side of it. The thermostat itself is a 7-grade dial, meaning that you are given great flexibility on how cool you want your items to be.

Since this fridge’s cooling system is compressor-based, cold air will be constantly circulated throughout the fridge.

Not only that, but the mini fridge is also Energy-Star certified; that means less power consumed and more savings for you.

But while the freezer compartment is certainly wide, it’s not very tall. You won’t have much success storing big/tall things like pints of ice cream.

Wider/flatter items like frozen dinners, plated leftovers, and frozen personal pizzas, are what the freezer section will handle best.

The actual freezing power of the freezer compartment is strong (a rarity among mini fridges), so you definitely won’t have to worry about your frozen items becoming soggy or thawed.

Since the cooling power is strong for the freezer compartment, it’s likely that some frost will develop below the freezer. This isn’t a problem and shouldn’t affect the items that you store.

It’s good practice to manually defrost the fridge every few months, which will remove the built-up frost and extend the life of the fridge itself.

Bonus: The freezer comes equipped with its very own ice cube tray, so you won’t have to worry about getting a separate one. Other ice cube trays are certainly compatible, though.

This mini fridge is an excellent choice for those tight on space and looking to store/cool their favorite drinks and snacks.

Dimensions: 18.5" x 17.5" x 19.7"

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer



  • ​Highly Portable
  • Strong Enough Cooling for General Purposes
  • ​Doubles as a Warmer
  • ​Low Power Consumption
  • ​Limited Storage Space

Want a mini fridge on the go? There's a certain appeal to having access to cool beverages long after you leave home or take off from a gas station, and this mini fridge can make your commute much more refreshing.

Not only does it keep your items cold, but it also doubles as a warmer for your heated foods.

The fridge itself is very light, coming in at a shockingly light 4 lbs. This unit measures 7.25" W x 10.25" D x 10.75" H (less than a foot each way), making it compact and simple to travel with.

Due to its size and stature, it can be placed just about anywhere: the outdoors, the inside of a car, a dorm-room desk, an office desk, a boat, you name it. In order to be able to function is such a vast variety of places, it comes with many ways to power it, including AC/DC power cords and a USB cord.

The fridge operates on thermo-electric cooling alongside fan-based cooling, meaning that the cooling power isn't the strongest, but it's serviceable to keep drinks cool.

It's also fantastic at keeping smaller items cool as well that you might not think about, like heat-sensitive beauty products, bottled breast milk, etc.

Good food items that you can choose to store include sandwiches, fruits, and small snacks.

The warmer is proficient at keeping already heated food warm, but don't expect it to be able to actually heat up your food as a microwave can.

Your heated food can stay warm no matter how far you are taking them. Perfect for taking leftovers on the go.

The size of the interior is as big as the stuff that you put into it. It can fit six 12 oz. cans of soda at max, but can also fit a lot of smaller snacks. You can even fit an assortment of items in there, though keep in mind that it's still a mini fridge.

This fridge is best for storing small items on the go, so refrain from using it to store large items or items that require significant cooling or heating.

The fridge has low power consumption, so it won't be a drain on your car charger or portable battery. It's also fairly quiet, though you'll probably notice the fan running from time to time.

When it comes to cooling/warming your stuff no matter where you are, consider going for the Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer.

Dimensions: 10.2" x 7.7" x 10.5"

Danby DAR033A6BDB Mini Fridge



  • Significant Storage Space
  • Powerful Compressor-Based Cooling
  • Functions as a Worktop Surface
  • Energy-Star Certified
  • Ergonomic Handling
  • No Freezer Section
  • Internal Temperatures May Fluctuate

Another Danby product takes a spot on this list, and for good reasons. This mini fridge stands at 3.3 cubic feet, which is the middle ground between the common sizes of 1.6 cubic feet and 4.4 cubic feet.

You might think that this means the fridge doesn't excel in either size or power, but you would be surprised.

This fridge has space to rival that of a 4.4 cubic feet mini fridge and a similar footprint size to that of a 1.6 cubic feet mini fridge, meaning that it can be placed in a space tight on room.

The top of the fridge is wide enough for it to act as a worktop surface; you are free to put small items on it and treat it like a miniature table. In addition, the surface itself is scratch resistant, so you don't have to worry about marring the surface with a little rough handling.

The door interior is huge and is divided into four sections. One of the sections has dedicated bottle/soda can holders where it can hold up to 8 beverages in easily retrievable slots.

Another section is able to hold one 2-liter bottle, while yet another one is good for holding condiment bottles and similarly sized items.

Finally, the fourth section can hold small items that would be otherwise out of place.

The door itself has a rubber grip, ergonomic handle at the top, making it incredibly easy to open and close.

The fridge interior is very roomy and features 2 and a half tempered glass shelves, providing four rows of places you can use to store stuff.

They are spaced in such a way that allows for maximum storage versatility and usability so that you can store anything, like fruits, vegetables, meats, beverages, and more. The interior also comes equipped with LED lighting, providing good visibility without adding extra heat.

Speaking of temperature, there is a thermostat located at the top of the interior, giving simple access to how cool you want your items.

Be aware, though, that the temperature has been known to fluctuate in certain models; the degree in which it may happen isn't significant enough to warrant concern, but it would be wise to keep items that require strict temperature ranges out of this fridge.

The lack of a dedicated freezer section means that the interior of the fridge is much greater than that of fridge & freezer mini fridges.

However, it also means that this fridge lacks any means of cooling down items past a typical refrigerator range.

Items that need to stay cold, like frozen dinners or ice cream, will need to be placed in a separate, dedicated mini freezer.

If you are looking for a roomy mini fridge that's still small enough to fit anywhere, you will find Danby DAR033A6BDB Mini Fridge worth taking a look.

Dimensions: 20.4" x 17.7" x 33.1"

Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal Mini Fridge



  • ​Highly Portable
  • Stylistic & Novel
  • Strong Enough Cooling for General Purposes
  • ​Doubles as a Warmer
  • ​Low Power Consumption
  • ​Limited Storage Space

Who doesn't like a bit of style and novelty? This mini fridge isn't just a gimmick; it's a portable mini fridge that doubles as a mini warmer and does its job quite well. This fridge can go anywhere, though it's probably best at home on your desk or table.

The convenience it provides is nearly unmatched thanks to its relatively small size and low weight.

It's not a huge fridge. You can expect to fit around six 12 oz. soda cans inside, or whatever is the equivalent to that. Fresh produce and snacks of small kinds will also easily make a home here, and you are free to mix and match what you want to store and how you want to store it.

The warmer can reach temperatures over 100' F, keeping just about any previously heated food warmer. But remember that this is a mini warmer function and shouldn't be treated as an actual microwave.

Cooling temperatures operate around 32' F, which is a comfortable cool for most beverages.

The mini fridge operates on DC 12-volt/AC 110-volt, meaning that you can use this fridge in vehicles as well. Great for those long roads trips where you'd like to grab a cold drink every now and then without stopping.

The door is self-locking, so no need to worry about it accidentally flying open in bumpy conditions. But don't worry, it's also fairly easy to unlock as well. The noise level for this fridge isn't high, but it can be noticeable with the fan constantly running.

You can expect a thermo-electric cooling system for this mini fridge, which works well for its intended purpose. There is little power consumption, which means that even low-voltage outlets/sockets can be utilized.

And most importantly, it looks great! It's a perfect fit regardless of whether it's in a retro home or on an office desk in a cubicle; you can be sure that people will take good notice of its design.

If that sounds all great to you, consider choosing the Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal Mini Fridge.

COSTWAY Mini Fridge



  • Powerful Cooling
  • Powerful Freezing
  • Large Capacity for Food & Drink
  • Glass Shelving = Easier to Manage and Clean
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Higher Energy Consumption

Another great mini fridge from COSTWAY. Unlike the last one on this list, however, this is a fully dedicated 2-door, 3.2 cubic feet mini fridge with a separate freezer section.

You can expect to find quality cooling, tons of storage, and durability that will last for years at a time.

The door interior is a classic 3-section setup, complete with a can-holding column, a 2-liter bottle section that can surprisingly hold 3 whole bottles (rare among mini fridges, even the bigger ones), and a small items compartment right above the bottles.

This space is optimized for drinks that need to be easily accessed, like soda cans or bottles of water.

The temperature is regulated by an accessible thermostat located on the top-right side of the interior and can quickly change the temperature to what you want it to be.

This mini fridge cools evenly thanks to its compressor-based cooling system.

The freezer is powerful enough to keep ice solid, food chilled, and ice cream tasty; just take care to avoid significant frost build-up by manually thawing it out every few months or so.

The interior of the freezer itself is very spacious, and it even comes equipped with its own door interior.

You are given much more space here to store your stuff than in typical mini fridges of even similar sizes, especially when taking the freezer area into account.

BONUS: You'll be given an ice tray as a free part of the mini fridge. Thankfully, that means you won't have to get your own or take somebody else's.

The interior excels at being big enough to store items of various sizes and shapes. It comes equipped with a crisper drawer, which helps keep fruits and vegetables fresh and uncontaminated. The glass shelves can be removed or adjusted, if you see fit, in order to organize even taller items.

The removability also makes the shelves easy to clean, in the event that they get too dirty for your liking. It comes with a built-in lamp that does a good job illuminating even the darkest corners of the fridge.

Dependable, Efficient, Powerful. If those qualities are important to you, then you can't go wrong with the COSTWAY Mini Fridge.

Dimensions: 20" x 17.5" x 34"

Final Thoughts

Again, please remember that mini fridges are designed to be smaller, less obtrusive cooling devices than their traditionally larger counterparts.

With that in mind, treating a mini fridge with the same level of rigor and expectation will likely result in a damaged product and an awful experience.

That being said, mini fridges are incredibly convenient and can improve your quality of life, as well as the quality of lives around you. They are excellent for cooling a wide variety of things, and some can be surprisingly roomy.

There’s a reason why they are so popular in dorms and office spaces; they don’t take up much space, yet provide so much.

What do you guys think? Do you have a mini fridge in your life that you love? Or perhaps you use another form of cooling storage? Let us know in the comments!

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