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Toaster with Toast
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Ah, toasters. When used properly, a toaster can brown (or blacken, if you like burnt bread) a variety of bread and deliver that perfect crispy crunch that we all love. Toaster pastries, bagels, and just about any kind of sliced bread are a friend to any great toaster.

The simplistic nature of the toaster makes it an appliance that we always seem to need; we certainly don’t know how much we need it until we’re trying to make breakfast and can’t find it!

Most, if not all, toasters come with 3 main features nowadays: temperature control dial, defrost button, and bagel button.

The first one is obvious; you get to set just how brown you want your bread. The defrost feature is good for quickly thawing bread without having to deal with the sogginess that often comes with it. The bagel button typically concentrates heat on the inner side of the bagel, leaving a the inner part toasty and the outer part warmed.

That said, there are many different kinds of toasters out there, though they all share similar features one way or another. But like any well-used or popular thing, there are bound to be bad deals and sketchy products that only give you a bad time. We’ve had a fair share of getting duds when trying to get deals.

So we researched, reviewed, crunched the numbers, and compiled this list of the top 10 best toasters of 2020 for your convenience. We hope you find it helpful.

Best Rated Toaster:

Toaster 4-Slice CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster



  • Dependable, Durable, and Long-Lasting
  • Large Slots Provides an Expansive List of Options
  • Comprehensive Features & Toasting Options
  • 4 Slots Save Time Cooking Compared to 2 Slots
  • Removable Crumb Tray Makes Cleaning Easy
  • Outer Hull Feels a Bit Cheap

With 4 slots and a variety of options, you can easily achieve perfect browning for your bread.

This toaster comes with a sleek design and a solid line-up of options that's great for anyone looking to toast up bread, bagels, toaster pastries, English muffins, you name it.

What's truly sets this toaster apart from the rest are the generous sizes of the slots, allowing even the thickest slices of bread to be evenly browned to your chosen degree. 1.5 in. of space is a lot for just about any slice of bread, and more than enough space for a bagel to comfortably sit inside.

This is a big deal because you don't have to worry about the wires touching the bread as it heats up, preventing unsightly burns the cut through the crispy bread. Instead, the heat is evenly distributed across the both surfaces of a slice of bread, giving you the golden brown crunch you need.

Whether you like your bread a hearty golden brown, or a darker, crispier brown, this toaster will satisfy your cravings. You can take advantage of the wide, 6-dial range of browning options, allowing you to customize your slices to the perfect degree of heat every single time. We enjoy a light golden hue with our toast, so a 2-3 would be best for us.

The bottom of the appliance has two small breadcrumb trays designed to pick up the tiny (and often annoying to clean) pieces of bread that might have fallen off the slice; this makes cleaning a breeze and eliminates the need to actively clean out the toaster (no more trying to shake out all the crumbs and damaging the toaster).

Having 4 slots to toast your bread in is always a welcome attribute for a toaster to have, especially when you are serving friends and/or family.

With just 2 slots, the bread that you already toasted is likely to become cold by the time the other slices are finished. With 4 slots open, you don't have to worry about nearly as much; serving up hot, crunchy pieces of toaster, muffins, and everything in between has never been easier.

The design of the toaster is simple, yet elegant. We are definitely a fan of the sleek black design, but there are other color options as well. The outer hull isn't quite as durable as other toasters out there, but it's not a huge issue for me as long as it works. And many can attest that this toaster works very well.

It has one of the highest ratings on Amazon and commands over 150+ five star reviews.

We highly recommend you check it out!

2nd Pick for Best Rated Toaster:

4-Slice Toaster, Chitomax 4 Wide Slots Stainless



  • Powerful, High-Quality Toasting/Heating
  • Huge Range of Temperature Choices
  • Features Provide Excellent Value
  • Removable Crumb Tray Makes Cleaning Easy
  • No Bagel Feature or Option

This toaster is has a nice design that's easy to follow and even easier to use. The best part is that you'll never again have to worry about your food coming up too toasted or not toasted enough. This toaster is powerful and pretty efficient in how it handles bread.

Like other toasters, it allows you to choose how long you want your food to be heated; unlike other toasters of its kind, however, this one pulls upwards of 1400W to get the job done; that means faster heating and more power to evenly distribute across the entire surface of whatever is being toasted.

There are two 7-dial temperature ranges that you can choose, each with their own set timer. These settings offer flexible customization of any type of bread:

  • Level 1 ( roughly 80s) for light
  • Level 2 (roughly 120s) for a yellowish light
  • Level 3 (145s) for golden
  • Level 4 (170s) for golden brown
  • Level 5 (200s) for light dark
  • Level 6 (230s) for dark
  • Level 7 (260s) for heavy dark

It's also convenient that these settings are applied for 2 slots each, further boosting customization options and giving you a variety of ways to toaster your food exactly as you want it.

The toaster comes with 3 main features: reheat, frost, and cancel. These functions are considered stables within the toaster industry and are all useful additions for this appliance. The reheat functions is a personal favorite of ours, as dealing with cold toast just sucks.

The toaster also comes with a removable breadcrumb tray for easy cleanup. No need to worry about the mess of trying to get small pieces of bread out of the hard-to-reach places.

This toaster toasts evenly and quickly. The only real gripe we have with this toaster is that it doesn't support a bagel feature, which many people (including us) really enjoy eating. Despite this, it still commands one of the highest Amazon ratings and is a remarkable toaster.

Check out what people are saying on Amazon here and see what this toaster can do for you. If the lack of bagel support isn't a game-changer for you, consider this an easy 5-star product.

Most Comprehensive Features:

KRUPS 4-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing



  • Emphasis on Even Toasting
  • Four-in-One Features/Functions Provide Premium Choice and Flexibility
  • Integrated High-Lift Functionality
  • Wide Slots = Toast a Wide Variety of Breads
  • Very Hot Surface = Potential Accidental Burns

This toaster is packed with great features that can otherwise be found lacking on many other similar models. And while defrost, reheat, bagel, and cancel functions are fairly commonplace among toasters, it's not so common to have them all available on the same toaster.

For the sake of this appliance, we'll touch each of the features and go into a little more detail:

Reheat allows you to warm up items that have already been toasted. This is a nice option to have because in most cases, food that has already been toasted needs to be eaten "right out the gate" because they get cold quickly. Microwaving toast didn't help either, as it would warm up the bread but remove the crunchy texture.

Now if that happens, just pop the item of interest back into a slot and use the reheat function to get back that heat without sacrificing the texture. The bread will still slowly be cooked, so diligence is needed even when reheating items.

Defrost lets you defrost frozen bread/food directly, providing an easy transition from frozen to toasted in minutes. We value this feature a lot because frozen bread can be preserved longer. However, defrosting the bread usually leads to moisture build-up within the bread itself which ruins the texture (and muddles the taste) of the bread completely.

But the frost feature takes care of that problem, we've found.

Bagel is designed for, well, bagels. Selecting this function will concentrate the heat towards the inner divider between the 2 slots, allowing you to toast your bagels on one side only. This way, you can achieve a delicious toasty side and a warmed soft side; two textures in tasty harmony.

Cancel is pretty self-explanatory. You can cancel the toasting process at any time and the slots will stop generating heat almost immediately while also pushing the pieces of bread/food up for easy retrieval. Simple, yet important.

You are provided two 6-dial temperature controllers that can adjust the shade of browning with relative ease. And of course, this includes every unwritten value in between.

This toaster is powerful, boasting 1500W of power. That means faster heating and stronger temperatures, though it has been observed that this toaster isn't the best for toasting to darker sides. Instead of concentrated power on the bread itself, the extra power is diverted to ensuring an even toasting all around.

Finally, this toaster also comes with a small notch designed for high-lifting of the wire slots, providing you an easy means of grabbing even smaller sized bread without accidentally burning yourself. The notch itself is also nice, as it prevents damage from lifting the handle too high or too quickly.

It comes with a generously long cord as well. You won't have to worry about keeping this appliance close to an electrical socket at all times.

Definitely consider checking out this toaster here if you want to take advantage of the host of great features it provides.

2nd Pick for Most Comprehensive/Useful Features:

Cuisinart CPT-440 Touch to Toast Leverless 4-Slice Toaster



  • Motorized Slots are Convenient
  • Digitized Display Leaves Less Room for Error
  • Strong Toasting/Heating Tendencies
  • Wide Slots = Toast a Wide Variety of Breads
  • Loud Beep May Startle Others

This is a quality hi-tech toaster and perfect for those who are looking for more a more automatic toasting process.

Everything operation-wise for this toaster is completely electronic. There are 7-degrees of browning shade that you can choose from and independently set for each set of slots. It also comes with the classic defrost, reheat, bagel, and cancel functions, providing ample flexibility for how you want to toast your bread.

What sets this toaster apart is the fact that the toasting process is motorized and, therefore, doesn't use any levers or handles; instead, inserted slices of bread slowly lowered into the heating chamber via motor. You are able to set and forget, which is a luxury that most toasters don't have.

For example, some toasters will let you push the bread down and just not turn on if the cord is unplugged or not working; this is a waste of time. But with the motor function, you'll immediately know if something is amiss.

In addition, you don't have to worry about bread getting stuck in weird shapes and unevenly toasted. The motor takes care of all of that so you don't have to worry.

When the toaster has finished toasting (which you'll know thanks to its countdown feature), it will also audibly notify you and motor-lift the bread right out of the slots. And naturally, it lifts the bread high so that it's easy for you to reach.

The only thing that I would caution against is the "beep" that the toaster makes after completing a slice. It's a tad loud and has the potential to startle animals, so exercise caution on that regard.

Overall, a solid toaster and definitely a feature contender for a top-class appliance. Check it out on Amazon to learn more about what others think and see why it commands the rating that it does.

Best Budget Pick:

Chitomax Toaster with 2 Extra-Wide Slots



  • Budget-Friendly
  • Durable and Dependable
  • Good Heating Capabilities
  • Easily Transportable
  • No Bagel Feature/Function

If you are just looking for a dependable toaster that just covers the basics, this is an excellent choice for you.

What this toaster lacks in gizmos and gadgets it makes up for with durability and performance. You can expect your toast to be evenly browned each and every time you use this appliance.

The 6-dial temperature range is standard, but still very effective. You can achieve various shades of brown from golden to dark and crunchy, though you may have to tinker with the dial to find the perfect range that suits you.

While the slots are wide enough to fit large slices of bread (which we do love), the lack of a bagel option really stands out. The defrost and reheat features are always welcome functions to have, considering how common it is to freeze bread-based products nowadays.

We just wish that there was a bagel feature as well, considering its now a staple on so many other toasters. Granted, the slots are wide enough to fit bagels and you can still toast them if you are fine with them being crispy on both sides.

There's a small notch that lets you push the bread further up from the toaster, which is nice for easily grabbing toasted bread without worrying about touching any hot surfaces. And while toasters aren't conventionally portable items, the small size of this one makes it easy to transport.

All in all, a solid toaster for those who are watching their wallets. You won't be disappointed with this one, that's for sure.

2nd Pick for Best Budget:

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster



  • Budget-Friendly
  • Functions Provide LED Lighting
  • Dual Removable Bread Crumb Trays
  • Strong Heating Capabilities
  • No Reheat Feature/Function

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for a 4-slice, wide slot toaster, you can't go wrong with this appliance. I applaud the BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster for being a reliable option that also does not break the bank, even though it's a four slice.

It comes equipped with the bagel, frozen, and cancel features, each coming equipped with LED lighting so that you know exactly when they are being used; no more wondering if you pressed the right button after toasting has started. The lack of a reheat feature is a bit disappointing, but we don't find it to be a huge problem.

This appliance comes with a standard 6-dial temperature range, which is pretty standard, but still nice to have. The toasting wires quickly reach hot temperatures and evenly disperse the heat to ensure an even brown coating not matter how thick or thin the bread is.

We are particularly in love with the frozen feature, as it safely transitions frozen bread (or waffles, french toast, etc.) from frozen to toasted without any more effort.

Which is nice because this toaster also comes with extra wide slots, making it easy to toast just about any slice of bread. You really can't go wrong with having slots like these, and we can definitely say that they are worth having. The slots come with space for extra lift, providing easy and safe retrieval after toasting is done.

This toaster comes equipped with its very own cord storage as well, allowing easier storage as well as providing a more elegant display with the cords out of the way. Dual bread crumb trays located under each pair of slots also makes clean up a breeze, keeping your kitchen clean and smelling fresh.

Consider picking this one up if you want to keep a tighter leash on your spending but are still looking for a quality 4-slice toaster. We haven't been disappointed with this one.

Best Novelty Pick:

Dash Clear View Toaster



  • See-Through = Easy to Track Browning
  • Equipped with Relevant Features
  • 7-shade Temperature Dial
  • Comes with a Free Recipe Book
  • Only One Long Slot and Not Very Wide

We think it's safe to say that all of us have the same question when toasting with conventional toasters:

"Is it done yet?"

We try to peer into the inner sides of the toaster and check the browning color of the item in question, sometimes with success but usually in failure, resulting in either underestimating or overestimating just how brown it actually is.

Well, this toaster provides the answer to this age-old question by letting you actively watch your bread toast in real-time. It's completely see-through, minus the toasting wires that have to do the actually toasting. This is amazing and takes a lot of the guesswork out of trying to toast to the perfect color. And while this is a great novelty addition, the capabilities of this toaster are nothing to sneeze at either.

It comes equipped with the usual bagel, reheat, frozen, and cancel features, which are always welcome staples on any toaster. Interestingly enough, the cancel feature is attached to the 7-dial temperature setting. Speaking of, it's nice to see the return of having 7 different shades of brown at your disposal.

It appears that there isn't much room for the bread though, as it can really only fit 2 at max. The slots aren't terribly wide either, limiting the options of what you can toast a bit.

But it's still a strong appliance that comes equipped with such a handy novelty feature. Consider picking this one up if you are looking to hit the perfect shade of brown each and every time from the beginning, even though it may be only two pieces at a time.

BONUS: This toaster also comes with a recipe book for thousands of great recipes.

Final Thoughts

We poured over many choices before landing on the ones provided here, so we hope that you found value in our list.

Are there any toasters that you are particularly fond of? Have any great recipes involving toast? Leave your stories in the comments below and we’ll select the best one to edit into the post.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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