Top 7 Best Toasters of 2020 [Home/Office/College]

Toaster with Toast
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Ah, toasters. When used properly, a toaster can brown (or blacken, if you like burnt bread) a variety of bread and deliver that perfect crispy crunch that we all love. Toaster pastries, bagels, and just about any kind of sliced bread are a friend to any great toaster.

The simplistic nature of the toaster makes it an appliance that we always seem to need; we certainly don’t know how much we need it until we’re trying to make breakfast and can’t find it!

Most, if not all, toasters come with 3 main features nowadays: temperature control dial, defrost button, and bagel button.

The first one is obvious; you get to set just how brown you want your bread. The defrost feature is good for quickly thawing bread without having to deal with the sogginess that often comes with it. The bagel button typically concentrates heat on the inner side of the bagel, leaving a the inner part toasty and the outer part warmed.

That said, there are many different kinds of toasters out there, though they all share similar features one way or another. But like any well-used or popular thing, there are bound to be bad deals and sketchy products that only give you a bad time. We’ve had a fair share of getting duds when trying to get deals.

So we researched, reviewed, crunched the numbers, and compiled this list of the top 10 best toasters of 2020 for your convenience. We hope you find it helpful.

Best Rated Toaster:

Toaster 4-Slice CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster



  • Dependable, Durable, and Long-Lasting
  • Large Slots Provides an Expansive List of Options
  • Comprehensive Features & Toasting Options
  • 4 Slots Save Time Cooking Compared to 2 Slots
  • Removable Crumb Tray Makes Cleaning Easy
  • Outer Hull Feels a Bit Cheap

With 4 slots and a variety of options, you can easily achieve perfect browning for your bread.

This toaster comes with a sleek design and a solid line-up of options that's great for anyone looking to toast up bread, bagels, toaster pastries, English muffins, you name it.

What's truly sets this toaster apart from the rest are the generous sizes of the slots, allowing even the thickest slices of bread to be evenly browned to your chosen degree. 1.5 in. of space is a lot for just about any slice of bread, and more than enough space for a bagel to comfortably sit inside.

This is a big deal because you don't have to worry about the wires touching the bread as it heats up, preventing unsightly burns the cut through the crispy bread. Instead, the heat is evenly distributed across the both surfaces of a slice of bread, giving you the golden brown crunch you need.

Whether you like your bread a hearty golden brown, or a darker, crispier brown, this toaster will satisfy your cravings. You can take advantage of the wide, 6-dial range of browning options, allowing you to customize your slices to the perfect degree of heat every single time. We enjoy a light golden hue with our toast, so a 2-3 would be best for us.

The bottom of the appliance has two small breadcrumb trays designed to pick up the tiny (and often annoying to clean) pieces of bread that might have fallen off the slice; this makes cleaning a breeze and eliminates the need to actively clean out the toaster (no more trying to shake out all the crumbs and damaging the toaster).

Having 4 slots to toast your bread in is always a welcome attribute for a toaster to have, especially when you are serving friends and/or family.

With just 2 slots, the bread that you already toasted is likely to become cold by the time the other slices are finished. With 4 slots open, you don't have to worry about nearly as much; serving up hot, crunchy pieces of toaster, muffins, and everything in between has never been easier.

The design of the toaster is simple, yet elegant. We are definitely a fan of the sleek black design, but there are other color options as well. The outer hull isn't quite as durable as other toasters out there, but it's not a huge issue for me as long as it works. And many can attest that this toaster works very well.

It has one of the highest ratings on Amazon and commands over 150+ five star reviews.

We highly recommend you check it out!

2nd Pick for Best Rated Toaster:

4-Slice Toaster, Chitomax 4 Wide Slots Stainless



  • Powerful, High-Quality Toasting/Heating
  • Huge Range of Temperature Choices
  • Features Provide Excellent Value