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Deep Fried Food

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Ah, fried food.

Who doesn't love a fried food? Whether it's a tasty batch of salted french fries, a hearty batch of fried dumplings, or even the classic friend chicken, there are no limits to the amazing tastes that fried food provides.

We even have people out there who fry up lettuce and pickles!

We don't blame you if you are looking to fry up some food of your own. But doing it the "old-fashioned" way of getting a cast-iron skillet, some hot oil, and going to town often leads to a messy stove, uneven cooking, and disappointing results.

That's why we recommend a deep fryer instead. This appliance has many great benefits to it that make it a popular pick for those looking to improve their frying game.

If you are looking to pick one up, you should definitely considering the following features, attributes, and functions.

Things to Look For When Picking a Deep Fryer:

Performance Power

Performance is one of the most important features of any kitchen appliance, but it is especially important for electric deep fryers. This is because you need the oil to be properly heated, otherwise you risk making your food soggy with lukewarm oil or burned by oil that's too hot.

Here's a good rule of thumb to follow: the bigger the food item, the more powerful the deep fryer needed. That's because it takes more heat to thoroughly cook large food. The last thing you want is something like chicken with a great fried coating, but is actually under-cooked beneath the surface.

For smaller items, you can get away with a less powerful deep fryer. Generally food like potatoes and salmon won't need a super-robust deep fryer, though frying large batches at once will generally require a more powerful deep fryer.

Oil Capacity

You are going to need to take the capacity of your deep fryer into consideration.

Generally, flatter food like fish cuts are optimal for smaller capacities. Frying bulkier items like chicken breasts may require more depth in order to be fully-immersed in hot oil.

If your everyday frying is just going to be smaller items, then we recommend choosing anywhere between 1.2 liters to 3.5 liters of oil capacity. This is a good choice for those who live in college dorms, as it's easier to transport smaller deep fryers.

If you want to maximize the space you have to work with and plan on frying up large batches of food, then you should stick with deep fryers having 3.5 liters to 4+ liters of oil capacity.

Ease of Cleaning

Cooking with oil is incredibly messy, even for experienced cooks. So when choosing a deep fryer, you should also look for how easy it is to clean.

Here are some quick questions that we like to ask when looking at ease of cleaning:

  • Does this deep fryer have removable parts for easy cleaning?
  • What parts, if any, of this deep fryer are dishwasher-friendly?
  • Is it simple to clean the oil out of this deep fryer?
  • Does this deep fryer have an easy way to save used oil?

The best deep fryers are the ones that can make clean-up a breeze. It's also important that oil is easily contained and just as easily retrievable, as oil can be reused.

Special Features

Each deep fryer is unique, but nothing makes them stand out more than their signature features.

When it comes down to it, features can make the deep frying experience easier like timers, filtration systems, odor filters and more.

This boils down to what can make your deep frying experience more convenient and time-efficient for you. Everybody has different circumstances and thus might need different things.

But it's almost ways better to have more options from a convenience standpoint. Though this comes with a higher price tag, the features are usually worth it.

We personally went through many deep fryers and compiled a list of the best on the market for whatever your needs may be.

We aim to be comprehensive and have poured a lot of time into making this list, only selecting deep fryers that met our high standards. We hope you find our work useful!

Let's get started!

Overall Best Pick:

T-Fal Deep Fryer with Basket



  • Fantastic Oil Filtration System
  • Large Capacity
  • Powerhouse Performance
  • Easy to Clean
  • comes with Easy Viewing window
  • Lacks a Variety of Settings

Powerful, clean, and simple to use

A state-of-the-art appliance for delicious deep-frying

The T-Fal Deep Fryer With Basket is a premium choice among deep fryers of similar capacity and power.

Sporting 1700 watts of power, this deep fryer has the ability to fry anything with ease. You'll never have to worry about your oil not being hot enough when using this appliance.

The T-Fal Deep Fryer has a 3.5 liter oil capacity and a 2.65 pound food capacity, giving you ample room to load up the fryer with a batch of your favorite goods. Want to make a ton of french fries or a two handfuls of fried dumplings? You can do that with this deep fryer.

There are only three settings on the fryer: Oil Box, Fry, and Automatic Oil Filtration.

Oil Box basically means "off" and ready for the oil box to load into the deep fryer. Fry is, well, when the oil is ready to start frying.

The Automatic Oil Filtration is the really cool part though. Once you are done frying, switch to this setting. It will automatically filtrate the remaining oil through its patented filtration system, leaving the clean oil in a separate box. This allows you to easily reuse oil without fear of contamination.

It will only do this once the oil has cooled, so no need to worry about it burning anything.

Additionally, this deep fryer comes with odor filters, which significantly cuts down on the smell of fried food, keeping it contained in the frying container.

Every piece of this appliance is dishwasher-safe and easily cleaned thanks to the oil filtration system. It will really save you a lot of time and hassle, which it's great for anyone who hates spending hours cleaning.

If there's one thing we would've liked to have seen, it would be more settings to choose from. You do have thermostat control, which is nice, but things like timers and other functions would make it so that you didn't have to babysit your frying food.

Regardless, it's a fantastic deep fryer that stands above the rest in terms of capacity, power, ease of cleaning, and ability to save oil.

We recommend checking this one out if you are serious about frying up lots of food.

Best Budget Pick:

Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer



  • Small size makes for easy travel
  • incredibly easy to use
  • powerful performance
  • can contain leftover oil for future use
  • Not dishwasher-friendly

If you are looking to fry on a budget, then you should consider the Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer.

This deep fryer has a very respectable 1500 watts of power, ensuring that your oil reaches optimum frying temperatures.

It also uses an internal thermometer to ensure that the oil is heated to the correct frying temperature, which is dictated by the appliance itself. You can't change it.

Its compact size makes it easy to travel with, and it only needs an outlet and some oil to work.

This deep fryer uses a snap-on lid container to keep whatever oil was left for future use. It also comes with handy scoops, drains, and serves meaning that you won't have to worry too much about cleaning.

You still need to manually strain the oil before storing it inside the appliance, however.

There are some other things to note as well. Because it's a simpler appliance, you don't have the option of choosing the temperature of your oil. It starts heating to its predetermined temperature immediately after plugging it in; it gets to max heat within 15 minutes.

You also have to take care with cleaning the deep fryer, as it is not water-immersible and thus cannot be loaded in the dishwasher. You can clean with clean with warm sudsy water and a soft cloth.

Abrasive materials like steel wool with scratch the nonstick finish off, so those are not recommended.

It may be simple, but it's good at what it does. It's quick, efficient, and is a great price for those looking for a deep fryer on a budget.

We recommend checking this one out for those looking for a basic, easy to use deep fryer.

Best Large Capacity/Features Pick:

Hamilton Beach (35035) Deep Fryer



  • Incredibly large capacity
  • Strong Heating and Cooking Temperatures
  • Controllable audible timer
  • Good safety features
  • Takes slightly Longer to heat up

Looking to deep fry for family and friends? Or perhaps wanting to dish up a large batch of fried goods for a party or get together?

A large capacity deep fryer will make your life much, much easier. Which is exactly what the Hamilton Beach (35035) Deep Fryer can do for you.

Sporting the tagline of "Professional-Grade Deep Frying", this appliance comes with a bunch of great features that compliment its cooking ability, such as:

  • Having PLENTY of room (2.8 liter/3-quart of food can fit in basket)
  • Immersive heating function that guarantees quick heating and cooking
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Power & Ready lights that let you know it's time to fry
  • Safety features designed to protect you from dangerous spills

This deep fryer also comes with a view window that lets you monitor your frying foods, as well as an audible timer that allows you to set just how long you want your frying to last. With repeated use, you'll be able to effectively pinpoint just how long and how hot your food needs to fried for to get the best taste.

Our favorite part would have to be the safety functions though. A surprising amount of people who cook with hot oil end up being burned or severely hurt in some way, so it's nice to see that this appliance takes steps to avoid them.

Each individual part comes apart as well and is dishwasher-friendly, making clean-up super easy.

And having a large capacity means that you can cook pretty much anything (within reason), so the sky is the limit on what you decide to fry. Just make sure that the oil is hot enough first; due to the sheer size of the deep fryer, it tends to take longer to fully heat.

This just means that you have to wait a little longer to start frying than usual.

So if you are looking to fry for you + other people, then we recommend checking out the Hamilton Beach (35035) Deep Fryer.

Best Multi-Basket Fryer:

Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer



  • Powehouse Performance
  • Multi-Basket Frying
  • Useful Features (Timer, Ready light, etc.)
  • Easy to clean
  • no easy way to save used oil

The Secura Triple Basket Deep Fryer allows you to conveniently fry up multiple foods at the same time.

You can choose to use two smaller baskets or one large basket, hence the "triple basket" in its name. Both smaller baskets are big enough to hold food like fries, onion rings, and pieces of fish/shrimp. 

For larger food items, you can easily switch to the larger basket.

Sporting 1700 watts of power, you can be sure that the oil will be more than hot enough for your frying needs. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat (250 F to 375 F) and timer (60 min max), giving you all the tools you need to freely customize your frying options.

It also comes with a Ready light, which will immediately let you know what your oil is ready for cooking.

The oil tank is a hefty 4.0 liters, meaning that you can fully immerse just about any reasonably sized food for full-body frying, which means quicker cooking and a nice, even crispiness that you can only get with true immersion frying. It also comes with odor filters, leaving your kitchen smelling clean.

It also comes with a viewing window, allowing you to check the progress of your frying without needing to expose yourself to the heated oil.

Each part is removable and is dishwasher-friendly, making clean-up simple and quick. The outer container that has the electrical system is not dishwasher-friendly, but that shouldn't need to be thoroughly cleaned, if at all if you are careful.

There isn't really a way to easily retain and conserve your used oil, which we found to be a bit disappointing. But it's really just a matter of convenience and doesn't affect the overall operation of the deep fryer.

If you are looking for a deep fryer that is able to fry up different foods at once in a quick and tasty manner, then we recommend checking out the Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer.

And that's our list! We hope you enjoyed it!

Have any questions? Have a deep fryer that you love and think that we missed? Just want to talk?

Leave your comments below. We'd love to hear from you!

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